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My name is DJ Eshelman

 I love working with people that will impact the world! In fact, I only work with people that are committed to Leaving the World Better Than They Found It!

My Story

When I graduated from Hastings College with a degree in Psychology – I thought for sure I would change lives with what started there.

Little did I realize that those life changes would not come from the therapy couch, but from the Zoom Meeting!

I left the Psychology world in 1999 when I realized not only what it would take to be successful… but that I would be very limited in how I could challenge people to live a better life. I would be stuck in a world of prescriptions and timed sessions. This did not fit with my Hard Rock persona or my laid back demeanor. But I didn’t start as a coach.

I spent nearly 20 years in the technology world, becoming a successful IT consultant and parlaying that experience and reputation into products to educate and equip others. I wrote and self-published two books for that world in 2020. However, what I really loved was the experiences coaching and speaking at events. I found myself talking more about my personal life than about my IT Services Methodology. I found myself taking time to coach people thru their career path than thru their skillset learning path.

It was not a hard decision to focus in on coaching – but it was very exciting to expand coaching away from a technology focus, and on to a MINDSET focus!

Now, I help individuals leap the barriers in their lives and their work so they can positively impact… their world. More time with their kids. Deeper relationships with their spouse… and more money in their pockets. I am so thankful to be able to do this and excited to offer it to you, dear listener!

My Values & Beliefs

UN-comfort is the only way to grow

Every leap forward in my life has had a common thread: I embraced something UNcomfortable and worked through it. I fully believe you should do the same, and I ONLY work with individuals who like to be challenged to grow. 

You Will Not Rise to the Occasion...

People often think they will ‘power thru’ challenges they face or that they will adapt in the moment of a crisis. The reality is that we always face a threshold of what we can actually do under stress – and that is determined by our level of preparedness. Coaching challenges you to get away from the comfortable and into ways to grow so that you are better prepared for whatever life throws at you.

You Have Access to Me, Not My Schedule

My value to you is in our relationship, not the amount of time we spend together. If it takes 15 minutes or 2 hours – that’s fine. If working in a group is better for you, I lead those too.

Whatever it takes to get you unstuck and ready to soar.

My thinking is, you pay consultants and employees by the hour. Coaching should be focused on transformation, not time.

You Don't Need a Coach - But You Should Want One

Let’s be straightforward here. Coaching is not something anyone needs, yet is one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself. You should want coaching deeply. I do. That’s why I have hired two coaches myself – and the results have been astounding! Coaching for me has more than paid for itself- seeing past barriers I was too close to see and allowing me to move forward. I want the same for you!

My Approach

I believe that no decision should be made outside of a conversation. Nothing I can write on this page will (or should) convince you to engage with me in coaching.

So I take my clients through a simple decision phase:

  1. A complimentary 90 minute (minimum) coaching experience. This is not a get to know you session. This is full-on coaching. Bring a pen, paper, and tissues. You’ll need them all as we dive into your desires, fears, and your goals… and address your limiting beliefs. I want you to fully experience coaching with me – not a sample. I don’t do short relationships. I want both of us to be fully committed to working together. But the work isn’t done here – I’ll be giving you action steps to take.
  2. A second complimentary coaching experience (length varies). In this second session, I’ll be checking to see what actions you took. I know this is a unique approach, and it’s why I love what I do. I am basically interviewing you to see if you are a good candidate. Remember, I only work with people that have a desire to change their world by bettering themselves.
  3. We’ll decide together how we can best work together. I want you to be absolutely a Yes or a No on this. There’s no sales pitch. There’s no special offer. I’ll put together a proposal based on how I think I can best serve your unique needs and how we can work together long term.

That’s it. There’s no limited time offers. No ‘but wait, there’s more’.

I’m a coach.

I coach people who want to achieve more in their life.

That’s it!

A. A. said...

Hi DJ,

   Thank you again for your generous coaching that brought clarity and direction. I think you boldly and concisely said what many before you have experienced with me but perhaps couldn’t put their finger on or were not as courageous as you are.  You have a strength that you bring with your presence and words.

-A. A.

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