Season 1, Episode 10

A Dad Who Plays Can Save the World

Join DJ and guest Celeste Meyburgh calling all the way from the southern tip of South Africa!

Today we’re talking LEGACY, and specifically how we need to encourage dads (yeah, fathers and father figures) to be engaged with their kids! Celeste goes thru the science and the FACTS about how dads being engaged has been shown to help kids develop well – but also has ripple effects on our society.

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PDF Transcription

Download the PDF transcription here!


06:59: Sometimes we have expectations that aren’t really met because we’ve never set an agreement about that.

Child's Development

23:08: The way that you interact with your child is actually helping your child develop social/emotional skills and cognitive skills, and giving your child confidence in ways that the way that the mom interacts with him doesn’t. I felt like that’s a message that you have to get out there. Dads affect the child’s development in those five areas that schools consider important for school readiness, and they don’t even know it.

23:39: We look at the child’s physical development, and an American study on obesity found that a father’s dietary and exercise habits impact more on the child’s physical health than what the mom has done.

24:07: Dads ask: where, who, what, why when questions when they interact with their children and that also helps the child to start thinking critically and to really develop their problem solving skills.

24:22: The social/emotional development plays a big role in terms of helping the child to regulate their emotions, find confidence, and know how far they can push boundaries and read people’s facial expressions.

Playing with your Children

24:35: That happens in play, especially rough and tumble play. I always encourage dads to do that, go wild with your kids, because that teaches them how far you can go and how much fun you can have before someone gets hurt, help them to calm themselves down again, and controls, emotions, and physical movement.

Bonds with Your Children

25:02: The language and literacy development is the force element and dads also have that important role to play. I encourage dads to start reading with the children from very young from babies, even though the                 baby can’t understand anything, that bonding of the child, sitting on your lap, sitting with the book, reading the book, does amazing things, not only for your bond, but also of your child’s development.

Different Parenting Styles

28:20: We should really realize that the different ways in which we parent actually benefits the child.

28:55: The first thing I’d say is for moms to accept that it would be different from what you may want, and that’s okay.

42:28: I encourage dads to really do the self work needed to become the best that they can be, the best version of themselves, because that’s what the kids need. They don’t need anything else. They just need that to be the best version of himself.

45:20: It doesn’t have to be the biological dad who falls into that role. If a child is growing up without a father, any male figure that could step in and fulfill that role in a child’s life has that positive effect on the child.

Staying Involved

36:02: The more dads are informed and involved, the bigger difference they can make in this world.

Find Your Passion

39:28: I think every dad needs to go and find that thing, whether it’s being outdoors and kicking a ball or whatever their passion is, kids are watching us. What we model to them, they’ll run with.

Changing the Smaller Things

41:22: We shouldn’t be looking for big things to change because ultimately we’re going to end up with some hopelessness there. If we try and tackle things that won’t change very easily, obviously we should be collectively working towards that, but attacking smaller things is really better.


53:16: Legacy is something we’ve built up, not by simple accidents, but it’s something we build up by constant vigilance, and sometimes we need to help other people’s legacy.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman

Celeste Meyburgh


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • Male role models are significant in a child’s life.
  • Different parenting styles are super beneficial for a child’s development.
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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