Season 1, Episode 12

A Poor Kid…

We all carry guilt. But none of us should.  

Today I’m actually telling two stories, but the important one is about a poor kid that taught us everything we need to know about guilt – even though we treated him like garbage. 

DJ also talks more about his recent trip to Israel and is delivering a message he was given there to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy it and get something out of it – but this is a deeply personal message that would be good for you to take in fully and personally!


PDF Transcription

Download the PDF transcription here!


13:05: It’s not my place to judge you. I’m not the arbiter of your behavior nor of you of mine.


14:25: There’s a pathway, there’s a conduit. All of your guilt, all of your shame, all the things you’ve done wrong or ever will do wrong. They all belong in the garden. That’s where it was all taken on.

20:06: If you are someone who has already done this, and you are struggling with guilt, I need you to know that this is something that is not uncommon. In fact, I think that if you have been quote, unquote, saved for many years, you’re more likely to be falling victim to this with wanting to keep it quiet, of not wanting to be a stumbling block for everyone else, but maybe you’re living with a secret shame of things you’re hiding. Well, I want you to know right now that that same forgiveness and that same conduit is there for you. And you also can leave all of that behind. Leave it in the garden.

Your Past

19:05: It’s okay. You’re okay. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your background, in your past, truth is it doesn’t even matter what you’ll do in the future. Your flaws, your selfishness has all been taken on for you.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • Leave it in the Garden.
  • Your flaws & selfishness has been taken on for you.
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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