Season 1, Episode 14

Doing the Right Thing

Let’s say you get back from making a fairly large purchase and you find that you weren’t charged for an item that costs several hundred dollars. What would you do?


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Do the right thing

07:03: Look for opportunities to do the right thing. When you do those right things, it reaches far beyond just that moment.


07:16: Character is revealed by your level of preparation.


07:26: If you do not act in the right way when no one is watching, you will not act the right way when people are watching.

08:02: Character is not built by nature. It’s built by practice and conviction. This means that even little things that no one would see or acknowledge have just as much importance in practice as the big ones do, perhaps even more so.

Our actions have impacts

12:01: Just passing the buck is not good enough. We have to be intentional and realize that our actions have impacts beyond just that moment.

Being better

14:32: It has to be your mindset. It has to be your call, your decision. This has to be something that you are transformed to do. This is never something that should be legislated upon you. This is never something that should be forced upon anyone. This is something that you should honestly believe in your core, in your being, that you want to be better.

14:57: Look for ways to act more self-less-ly. Take actions that help and benefit others, or that will have positive impacts down the road or avoid negative impacts. Be that person. It only takes these little things.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • Look for opportunities to do the right thing.
  • Character is built by practice & conviction.
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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