Season 1, Episode 13

Why I am Thankful I Grew Up with No Electricity or Running Water

DJ spent ages 11-18 with no electricity or running water. It changes your perspective when you have something, then you don’t. But in today’s episode, DJ talks about when you PURPOSEFULLY remove comfort to make a change.

DJ calls this the UNcomfort principle – from simple things like adjusting the temperature in your house or recycling to even more uncomfortable things like fasting… a change is going to occur.

What you may not realize is that it is YOU that changes more than the world around you, and that is very important!


PDF Transcription

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Rising to the occasion

01:20: You will not rise to the occasion. You will only rise to your level of preparedness.

09:36: In order to rise to the occasion of life, I need to be prepared by embracing God’s sustenance more than my own in order to truly make any kind of impact on the world.

11:02: Challenging ourselves, making it so that we can rise to an occasion, where we’re basically growing instead of wallowing in guilt over what we have. We are trying to inspire those around us to overcome obstacles, to overcome maladies, to overcome past things that have happened to them. We can’t really do this on our own. We really need either the benefit of experience, or more appropriately, that connection by making it less about ourselves, about doing less.


06:19: We say discomfort and things like that. I use un-comfort because I feel it’s a choice. It’s something where we choose to put ourselves into an uncomfortable situation so that we can either learn to adapt to other situations as they come up or learn things about ourselves.

Challenging ourselves

12:08: By challenging ourselves and growing, we inspire those around us to overcome. By improving ourselves, we have more resources. By having more resources, we can more intelligently give.

The world isn't that bad

12:47: Improve your input to improve your output. If all you’re hearing is negative things about how bad the world is, that’s going to be your view, and also be into your output as well.

13:56: The world is what it is. We need to look at what the facts are, not what the opinions are.

14:13: The world is a place we can make better because the world is a place we can make better, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad to begin with. It doesn’t have to be a bad, horrible place to make better. We can always improve, we can always be better and leave the world better than we found it.

Bad news or good news

16:02: When you see bad news, ask yourself if good news would have reached you.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • We need to grow rather than wallow in guilt over what we have.
  • Inspire those around us to overcome.
  • The world is what it is, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.
  • When you see bad news, ask yourself if good news would have reached you.
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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