Season 1, Episode 4

 I Told My Wife I Lost My Phone and Missed My Flight

DJ’s wife Yvette joins him on the Confessions Couch to talk about what happened to DJ after Chandler Bolt’s Author Advantage Live conference.

A dropped and lost phone, flights with missed connections… nothing we can’t handle. Why? Because we have years of experience putting ourselves into discomfort and learning to communicate.

As a bonus- DJ talks about the mindset change and how he coached an entire group of people at a table to see why our focus on little things that we CAN change is better than dwelling on world issues and such that we can’t.

A big thanks to Hal Elrod who inspired the conversation after his wonderful speech. You can listen to his Miracle Morning Audiobook for FREE by using my affiliate link to sign up for Audible and make it your free selection! 

Also in this episode, I call out Dan Miller and 48 Days to the Work You Love. You can join me in his community at 


PDF Transcription

Download the PDF transcription here!

5 Minutes

03:31: when confronted with a bad situation, you give yourself five minutes to to grieve that and that’s it. 

What We Can Control

08:11: There are things you can control and can’t control, and the only thing we can really, truly control is our perspective and what we can actually influence in that moment.

42:45: Focus on the things that you can change, but don’t focus on the things that are going to only get you down and causing more worry. That’s not going to get you anywhere.


18:03: Security is something that we feel and sometimes we don’t realize that we feel it.


24:16: There’s always another way of going about it. I think that’s the other thing that’s helped, is remembering that it’s a crisis if we let it be a crisis.

27:16: The truth is, there’s a non-crisis attitude when it comes to money. If you let worrying about money rule your decision making, and things like that, then you are just not prepared when that crisis comes. If you think about money and just repeat to yourself that, you know, it’s just, it’s just a tool.

38:22: If we are constantly worried about what’s going on around us, and constantly worried about things that we can’t control, can’t influence… Your direct actions can’t really change the world in that way, but you being prepared to handle crisis, and being able to be a calming influence of those around you and build up those, those ways to handle situations more effectively and push yourself into what I kind of call, that uncomfort space, then you will be more likely to be successful long-term, but, also be able to positively impact those around you.


28:50: You do need to inject a little bit of discomfort into your life to be able to be ready for these kinds of situations.

39:47: That would be my encouragement to folks out there is to say, look, it’s not impossible. You can do this, but take it one step at a time. One little bit of discomfort as you can build that. Don’t try and boil the ocean, as they say, but try and take those little steps, try and take those little things that do move that needle forward. There’s little things you can do.

40:41: To speak positively to yourself out loud is not comfortable, but it is something that makes a difference.

Calming Down

41:12: The importance of when you can calm yourself down quickly, you’re able to think better and also not wasting a whole lot of time on the worry and the concern because you never know when you need to calm yourself down quickly and you can think clear and get through something because it’s time sensitive.

A Challenge for You

43:02: My challenge to you is to take those little things and then look towards what big things you might want to do with your life. Start thinking of those as possible, and thinking of those as things that you really can do.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman

Yvette “Evie” Eshelman


Download the PDF transcription here!



  • It’s a crisis if we let it be a crisis
  • Practice affirmations
  • Start thinking of the big things as possible!
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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