Season 1, Episode 6

Finding Work Life Balance

You’ve probably heard the term “Life + Work Balance” before and thought… what a glorious fiction. 

DJ and Matt are discussing how you can take strategies learned at work and apply them at home… and vice versa. It isn’t just about time – it’s about intention! 

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Work-Life Balance

01:45: One of the things about work-life balance is that it varies in your life. I think there are some times when you need different things and balance. You might need more from your personal life versus your work life. Then there are times when you’re going to need more from your work life versus your personal life. I think that the idea of balance sometimes is thought of as equality because that’s the idea of balance of a scale is to put equal weights on each side, but I think with work-life balance, it’s more about knowing yourself. How you operate optimally as an individual and then knowing the needs of those around you and finding that balance.

47:06: Remember, you need to work on your full life balance before you can really make a difference in the world.


04:41: We don’t think about time appropriately. We think about time as far as work goes, by the clock. We don’t think of our lives by the clock and so we don’t know how to attribute value to either one properly.

17:00: If I have a staff of 10 people, if I’m supposed to meet with every one of those people for private time once a week, why don’t I spend private time once a week with my wife?

22:56: Just in the same way that I’m giving people 90 minutes of my time, the least I can do for my wife when she gets home is to spend 90 minutes with her. That’s the least I can do. If  we’re not intentional about that, especially, and I’m talking largely to the achievers, if we’re not very intentional about that, then we will not do it. We will just fill up that time. Like I was saying, it’s you fill up that time with what’s important to you, and you don’t think about time in a sense of reality.

42:28: You need to do things that you care about and want to do, otherwise you are just filling up time.

Productivity & Life Needs

10:18: If you’re more productive, you can actually spend less time at work, and that’s actually literally true in a lot of cases.

10:49: It’s those core, base needs that you need, like sleep, exercise, making sure that you’re able to function and function in a way of being present within those moments. You do that and then yes, your time becomes more productive and then that rolls over into your time with your family. That time is more productive.

Caring & Loving Yourself

11:20: You really need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, you need to actually remove the log from your eye before you take care of the speck and your neighbors.

11:59: We need to love ourselves enough to do so. If we don’t do that, we are going to be less effective with others around us. That’s just part of what nature is. We can’t get around that.

33:48: We need to have those shared experiences.

35:54: We need to have bachelor time as well. We need to work on ourselves and we also need to not work on ourselves. In other words, we need to relax ourselves.


17:39: I’ve got these great tools that I’m learning at work, and that training, I can use that to improve my family’s environment as well.

42:53: You can use strategies that you would use at work, at home, and in your life. You can use the same kind of tactics to do that, in the same way you can be intentional about your time.


21:09: That’s what people that I would classify as achievers really do. We work towards results that we want and we’re willing to put in what it takes to get there. We’re focused on that. We’re not just working for the sake of having worked or working for the sake of a sense of belonging, or the paycheck, like you’re saying. There’s other reasons to work, and so it’s good to have recognized that. What I didn’t recognize was that I had disrupted my home life and work balance.


29:27: Going through things that are engaging in a little bit of conflict, a little bit of healthy conflict, actually helps grow your communication skills.

45:20: Having those not only shared experiences, but shared challenges, are some things that help have a healthier balance at home.


44:00: Take your work habits of putting things in the calendar and put those things for your family and for yourself on the calendar. Michael Hyatt says what gets scheduled, gets done.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman

Matt Blount


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • Take care of yourself before you take care of others.
  • Schedule time for you and your loved ones.
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