Season 1, Episode 9

Leaving the World Better When You’ve Left Your World

In part one of this three-part series, DJ dives into seeing first hand how an attitude of leaving trash wherever you want and not being conservative with water can have a very negative impact.

But it’s not just about that either. It’s about our mindset and what we practice. So whether it is using a metal straw, or turning off the water when you are brushing your teeth – without the right mindset, you’re just following rules instead of leaving the world better.


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Leaving the world better

08:21: If we are more careful about what we do with our trash, then we are leaving a better world, not only for ourselves, but for other people.

13:08: If we want to leave the world a better place, we have to do a bunch of small little things.

31:27: I hope that is something you can take with you when you’re traveling and just know that, although at times it is more difficult and it does require some effort and forethought, as a practice will make sure that you are leaving the world better than you found it wherever you go, not just in your own home. But again, the practice does start right there at home.

Choices we make

13:19: If we make the choice to do one thing, we’re more likely to make the choice to do another thing. And another thing. And another thing. If we’re told that we have to do this one thing, we will do that, but unless we’ve internalized that and understand why the rules are there, we’re not very likely to do these other things.

16:09: Leaving a bunch of trash around doesn’t really give us satisfaction. There’s no real benefit to anyone by just making a mess or consuming a bunch of things and just leaving them strewn about for someone else to deal with down the line. That doesn’t really truly benefit anyone.

Rising to your level of Preparedness

27:56: You won’t rise to the occasion, you will only rise to your level of preparedness.

Using Less

28:01: If the challenge is using less water, if it’s available to you, and your habit is to use it, you will use it the same way.

Hosts & Guests

DJ Eshelman


Download the PDF transcription here!


  • Do a bunch of small things.
  • Make using less a habit and start by practicing at home.
  • Share your thoughts with us here!

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